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High-gloss returnable cup printed using the IML photo printing technique

A market first!

A dazzling appearance with returnable cups from CUP CONCEPT

Thanks to an innovative, new technical development in the in-mould labelling process, CUP CONCEPT is now able to supply printed, returnable polypropylene cups with a high-gloss finish. Usually, products made from polypropylene already have a semi-matt surface due to the composition of this material. The high-gloss finish sets these cups off in even more style and gives them the following key advantages over their predecessors:

  • Greater depth of colour in printing.
  • Design colours and the design itself display impressive brilliancy.
  • Highly scratch-resistant thanks to specially protected print surface.
  • Similar appearance to glass.

The reason why IML-printed returnable cups are such sought-after advertising vehicles is because the photo designs that adorn them are of exceptional quality.
That’s why brands that stand for high quality choose products from CUP CONCEPT, the first and only company to offer IML-printed returnable cups with a high-gloss finish.

The latest generation of IML cups are already in use at 1.FC Kaiserslautern’s Fritz-Walter Stadium and the Weserstadion in Bremen, where they are equally popular among fans, advertising partners and Bundesliga players.

(adjacent image: IML/high-gloss cups as a promotional gift for the financial services company Deutsche Vermögensberatung)

Tri-national lifecycle analysis

Returnable cups are kinder to the environment.

Returnable cup systems have a far lower impact on the environment than single-use solutions.
Compostable, single-use cups made from renewable raw materials fare no better than standard single-use cups. This was shown in a comparative lifecycle assessment carried out on behalf of the German, Austrian and Swiss environmental ministries for the UEFA EURO 2008 football tournament.

The study provides the latest ecological statistics on the most established returnable and single-use cups available on the market today. With the support of the German environmental ministry and in conjunction with the cities of Basel, Bern, Zurich, Vienna, Klagenfurt, Salzburg and Hanover, the Austrian and Swiss environmental ministries instructed the Austrian Institute of Ecology, the Swiss firm Carbotech AG and the German Institute for Applied Ecology to conduct a comparative lifecycle assessment for various cup systems used to serve beverages. This was carried out within the framework of the sustainability concept of the UEFA EURO 2008 football tournament. The initial results of the cup study were presented to UEFA on November 8th, 2007.

Comparison of materials, disposal, circulation ratios

The study investigated the ecological impact of various cup systems (single-use and returnable). The framework for the study, which took into account quantity, circulation ratios and transportation distances, was provided by the conditions to which UEFA EURO 2008 was subject. Single-use cups made from PET, polystyrene, cardboard, PLA (a biodegradable material based on materials such as corn starch) and the special plastic made by Belland (all of which are disposed of in different ways) were compared with a returnable cup system. Varying circulation ratios were assumed for this cup type in relation to the number of games played and the number of cups taken home as souvenirs.

The key findings of the study:

  • Even from a pessimistic viewpoint, a returnable cup system is significantly kinder to the environment than any single-use system. The best single-use scenario has twice the environmental impact of the least favourable returnable cup system. Thus, using a returnable cup system is definitely the most environmentally sound solution. As with any system that uses refundable deposits, users are motivated to return cups rather than throw them away, thereby minimising litter.
  • The study also serves to confirm the results of other research projects which found that compostable, single-use cups (such as PLA cups) are no more environmentally friendly than single-use cups made from PET.
  • The same is true for single-use cups made from Belland plastic. The environmental impact of these cups is no better than that of single-use PET cups.

Download the complete study (german, 137 pages/6.82 MB)

We offer one system.

Returnable equals ‘return on investment.

We aim to make it as easy as possible for our customers to utilise our returnable cups. In order to achieve this, we offer complete, holistic concepts through which customers receive our support from the very beginning.

Into the bargain, we also provide professional, comprehensive advice on our returnable cups, how they can be printed and used and the associated ancillary services. The often complex tasks surrounding logistics and personnel are handled entirely by us and we always clean all of our own returnable cups. more

Print & Design

Individuality generates interest and recognition. So why would anyone serve drinks in blank, anonymous cups?

Printed, returnable cups from CUP CONCEPT have an amazing amount of potential to accurately communicate lasting messages to target groups. The constant visual presence of a message on a cup whenever a person is holding or drinking from it makes this product an extremely efficient advertising method.
No matter whether you want to advertise your drink, an event or your company, we would be delighted to produce sample designs which we can continue to develop with your input. more

Buying & Storage

You can purchase all of the products in our range.

Expand your current stock of returnable cups.

Printed returnable cups usually ship within around four weeks. Unprinted cups can usually be dispatched from our warehouse immediately.

Naturally, you can also return any cups you purchase from CUP CONCEPT to us for cleaning. If you would like to do this, please use the fast, reliable CUP CONCEPT cleaning service! more

Cup Pool service package

Do you regularly require large numbers of cups printed to your specifications for regional or national events?

As part of our ‘Cup Pool’ service package, we handle storage, logistics and cleaning for your cups. more

Cup Hire & Cleaning

If you are holding an event for which you do not wish to purchase cups, we offer a Germany-wide cup hire and cleaning service. This gives you the flexibility to choose new cups from our range for every event.

Hiring cups is easier and more cost-effective than you might think! It’s as simple as this:

  • Advice/ordering. We advise you on the cup type, the bar size and the number of cups that you will require for your event before processing your order.
  • Delivery/collection. The cups you order are delivered by our employees using our vehicles. Alternatively, you can opt to collect the cups from us yourself.
  • Return/cleaning. After you have used the cups, you do not have to clean them. No matter whether you return them to us or ask us to collect them, we always clean the cups. The cost of cleaning is included in the hire price. mehr

Special services for major events – Full-service: your ticket to success!

We have gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise from over 10 years of experience with the largest music festivals and major events in German-speaking Europe (e.g. the 2006 World Cup and Euro 2008). As such, we are able to offer you the following optional services for large-scale events. more

Products & Accessories

Cups from CUP CONCEPT are tailored to the special demands of the catering industry as well as consumers and offer key advantages:

Cups from CUP CONCEPT are

  • shatterproof
  • safe
  • easy to unstack
  • stable and light
  • high-quality
  • environmentally friendly


Technology & Expertise

Our goal is to provide products of the utmost quality.

We think quality goes beyond the materials we use. For us, quality also rides on providing high-utility products for all parties concerned.

Clever details in cup design and exceptional manufacturing and printing quality form the basis for successful returnable cup products.

In addition to running our own screen-printing facility, we work with highly capable partners. This enables us to continue raising the bar in terms of quality in addition to pursuing and realising innovative ideas. more

The Environment

Returnable is the responsible choice

Large-scale events such as music festivals and high-profile football games are a major draw for those generations that will shape the future of environmental policy and live with the realities of it. Thus, these events represent an ideal opportunity to use targeted measures to raise environmental awareness among young fans in particular.

In comparison, the returnable cup deposit system realised by CUP CONCEPT has proven itself at a variety of events over the years and continues to contribute significantly to the reduction of litter.

A tri-national study conducted as part of the preparations for UEFA Euro 2008™confirmed that the returnable cup system realised by CUP CONCEPT is significantly kinder to the environment than any of the currently available single-use systems. more