Special services with our Cup Pool service package.

Warehouse storage for customer-owned returnable cups

Printing . Storage . Delivery – Full service for your cups!

Do you regularly require large numbers of cups printed to your specifications for regional or national events?

As part of our ‘Cup Pool’ service package, we handle storage, logistics and cleaning for your cups.

  • All you have to do to qualify is purchase a jointly determined number of returnable cups which are then printed to your specifications.
  • We manage and store your cup inventory in our warehouses.
  • On receiving a written request from you, we deliver your cups to the location of the event they are needed at.
  • After the event, we collect the cups, clean them professionally and return them to the warehouse.

We offer you a range of pool concepts which are based on various criteria (such as the number of cups and the delivery distance involved) and are designed to meet your individual requirements.

We would be happy to develop a suitable model with your input. Contact us!

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