CUP CONCEPT IML Photo Printing

High-gloss returnable cup printed using the IML photo printing technique

How in-mould labelling works:

In the first stage of the highly specialised manufacturing process optimised by CUP CONCEPT for returnable cups, the print design is laid flat on top of a plastic sheet. This sheet is then inserted into the injection mould for the cup and then binds with the injected plastic. The result is a smooth, rimless surface which prevents any build-up of contamination behind the design. Thus, this process meets the stringent standards of hygiene required in the catering industry.

IML is a sophisticated process that produces brilliant, richly coloured, high-gloss, faithfully reproduced printed images whose excellent photo quality is a match for paper prints.
The IML technique can be used to print the entire exterior surface of a cup.

The IML technique is particularly suitable for:

  • Photographs
  • Designs with a wide variety of colours
  • Printing the entire exterior surface of a cup.