CUP CONCEPT Screen Printing

Screen printed returnable cups

How screen printing works:

In screen printing, the printing colour is applied to the finished cup through a porous screen which, depending on the design, is colour-permeable in certain areas and non-permeable in others. Different colours are printed in succession.

The CUP CONCEPT screen printing process produces brilliant, richly coloured, glossy, long-lasting printed images on returnable cups.

The CUP CONCEPT screen printing process is characterised by the exceptional fitting accuracy of the different colours which are printed successively on top of each other. The results are coherent screen prints of the utmost technical and optical quality.

Screen printing is particularly suitable for:

  • Logos
  • Lettering
  • Simple, abstract designs
  • Designs with few heavily contrasting colours.

Cup types: all cups except Martini Cup/CLUB Line
Minimum order quantity: 500
Minimum order quantity: 300