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Returnable is the responsible choice

Things have never been so precarious. The state of the earth’s ecological systems is such that we can no longer afford to procrastinate. It is essential that everyone takes action now with whatever means they have at their disposal.

The idea of ‘waste prevention’ is particularly apt for this since it has an immediate effect, the (environmentally) positive results of which become apparent almost immediately.

Large-scale events such as music festivals and high-profile football games are a major draw for those generations that will shape the future of environmental policy and live with the realities of it. Thus, these events represent an ideal opportunity to use targeted measures to raise environmental awareness among young fans in particular.

Single-use beverage containers are the main form of litter at large-scale events.

In comparison, the returnable cup deposit system realised by CUP CONCEPT has proven itself at a variety of events over the years and continues to contribute significantly to the reduction of litter.

As such, the use of CUP CONCEPT returnable cups in all stadia involved in the FIFA Fußballweltmeisterschaft 2006™ was commended in the Green Goal Legacy Report as „most important measure in the area of waste“ and praised as „a symbol for waste avoidance and for a successful overall waste and environment management concept“.
(source: Green Goal Legacy Report of the Organising Committee of the 2006 World Cup Germany 2006™)

A tri-national study conducted as part of the preparations for UEFA Euro 2008™ confirmed that the returnable cup system realised by CUP CONCEPT is significantly kinder to the environment than any of the currently available single-use systems.
Based on these findings, UEFA elected to use returnable cups in almost all of the stadia involved. More about the study

It’s your future too: choose returnable!