Hire cups from 6 branches throughout Germany!

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If you are holding an event for which you do not wish to purchase cups, we offer a Germany-wide cup hire and cleaning service. This gives you the flexibility to choose new cups from our range for every event.

Hiring cups is easier and more cost-effective than you might think! It’s as simple as this:

Advice/ordering. We advise you on the cup type, the bar size and the number of cups that you will require for your event before processing your order.

Delivery/collection. The cups you order are delivered by our employees using our vehicles. Alternatively, you can opt to collect the cups from us yourself.

Return/cleaning. After you have used the cups, you do not have to clean them. No matter whether you return them to us or ask us to collect them, we always clean the cups. The cost of cleaning is included in the hire price.

Save money with the CUP CONCEPT cup hire and cleaning service!

  • You save money on transportation and personnel costs for handling the cups.
  • You save money on cleaning logistics and cleaning staff at the event.
  • You save money on storage costs.

Hire price calculator

Need an exact price? Use our calculator to find out precisely what your hire price will come to.
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Cleaning customer-owned returnable cups

Naturally, you can ask CUP CONCEPT to clean cups you have purchased from us. Our Germany-wide delivery and collection service is also available to you should you require it.

Cup Concept operates six service facilities throughout Germany, all of which are equipped with state-of-the-art, industrial cleaning technology. Specially developed for cleaning returnable plastic cups, our industrial cleaning machines are sparing in their use of water and chemicals, minimising their impact on the environment and maximising efficiency.

Use the CUP CONCEPT cleaning service to ensure that your cups are cleaned professionally, reliably and quickly!

Major events

We have gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise from over 10 years of experience with the largest music festivals and major events in German-speaking Europe (e.g. the 2006 World Cup and Euro 2008). As such, we are able to offer you special services for large-scale events requiring cup numbers upwards of 40,000 per day.