High-Tech for Hygiene & Environment

A CUP CONCEPT of the highest calibre, with dish-washing technology by MEIKO.

Most of our Service stations are equipped with the futuristic M-iQ.

M-iQ – with even more innovations.

The M-iQ produces optimal washing performance in every respect, while still maintaining low consumption values.
Alongside a whole range of intelligent concepts and control mechanisms, the so-called M-iQ Effect, the combination of the M-iQ filter and the M-iQ AirConcept, is special.

In specific terms this means

  • The lowest levels of fresh water consumption
  • Energy consumption reduced by more than 30%
  • Cleaning agent consumption reduced by more than 30%
  • The lowest exhaust air emissions and exhaust air temperatures

PERFECT is not enough!

CUP CONCEPT is also bound to MEIKO’s guiding principle.
So we have had all of our M-iQ dish washers fitted with another key feature:
Thanks to a special technology, a large proportion of the drops are shaken off from the dishes during the drying phase, meaning that the amount of water to be dried off the cup can be significantly reduced.

  • Through the use of the M-iQ washing technology, CUP CONCEPT can completely avoid the use of chemicals during rinsing!

With our investment in the most recent generation of MEIKO washing technology, we are happy to be to making a significant contribution to the environment.
The CUP CONCEPT reusable cup concept is already by far the most environmentally-friendly solution of its kind on the market; but we are always endeavouring to exceed our own high standards.

CUP CONCEPT – for the sake of the environment.