// 05.03.2010

Design Cup 0,5l PP CE transparent

NEW! Design Cup 0,5l PP (CE)

Thanks to the new European calibration law, the maximum fill mark has been repositioned.
Cup Concept is now offering a new 0.5l transparent polypropylene (PP) Design Cup. The new cup’s special feature is a maximum fill mark very close to its brim: the distance between mark and brim is now only 18mm, significantly less than that of the previous model (30mm) The new cup meets the requirements of the new EU calibration law.

What is more, the new 0.5l PP transparent Design Cup, which bears the CE designation, actually looks like a full cup when properly filled. So there will be no more disputes between bar or restaurant staff and customers as to whether or not a 0.5l cup has been properly filled.
There is another advantage: each storage carton and transportation box contains 280 units (the previous cups came in storage cartons of 252 units each and transportation boxes of 216 units each), so these new reusable cups require less loading and storage space.

The 0.5l PP transparent CE Design Cup is available to buy now. Return to overview