Cups from CUP CONCEPT are tailored to the special demands of the catering industry as well as consumers and offer key advantages:



All returnable cups from CUP CONCEPT are made from durable plastics and are practically unbreakable if used normally.



Returnable cups from CUP CONCEPT can be used in all situations where the use of glass would constitute a safety risk.

easy to unstack

Easy to unstack

Returnable cups from CUP CONCEPT can be unstacked easily with one hand. Thanks to the special production process used, the cups do not become jammed together and remain easy to unstack over the long-term.

stable and light

Stable and light

Compared to glasses, returnable cups from CUP CONCEPT are very light whilst also being exceptionally stable. This minimises the spillages that commonly occur while glasses are being carried.



Returnable cups from CUP CONCEPT are characterised by their superb quality and clever details. These outstanding characteristics inspire confidence among catering professionals and guests alike.

environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

According to a recently published study undertaken in three countries, the returnable cup deposit system realised by CUP CONCEPT is by far the most environmentally compatible system. The study carried out a comparison of all the established cup systems (single-use and returnable) in use at major events. more